best cast iron skillet lasagna

Cast Iron Skillet Lasagna Recipe


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Do you love lasagna, but don’t love all of the work that goes into it? Well, I’ve got the perfect solution for you. Cast iron skillet lasagna is just as delicious as regular lasagna, but it’s a lot easier to make. Plus, cooking it in a cast iron skillet gives the dish an extra layer of flavor. So give this easy and tasty recipe a try today!

cast iron skillet lasagna recipe
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Easy cast iron skillet lasagna

I love skillet meals! They are so convenient. In this particular cast iron skillet lasagna recipe, you don’t have to boil the noodles apart, mix the cheeses in another bowl, layer ingredients, or anything like that. Everything just goes in one skillet, and presto! There are also fewer dishes to wash. And who doesn’t love that after a long day at work?

As a Registered Dietitian, I’m always looking for ways to include more vegetables in my family’s meals. Pasta dishes are a good way to include more veggies since their flavors and textures complement well with tomato-based sauces.

Tip: Did you know that the body absorbs the nutrients from tomatoes better when they’re cooked, such as in sauces, than when raw?

If you have young kids who don’t like to feel chunks of strong-tasting vegetables such as onions and peppers, an immersion blender can be your best friend. You can blend the vegetables together with the sauce in the same pot, and still retain the nutritional value of the dish.

This recipe for veggie skillet lasagna is not only rich in nutrients and fiber, but it’s also delicious and very easy to prepare. It’s become quite the weekday dinner staple around here, and there are never any leftovers!

How to make a cast iron veggie lasagna

You can also use any vegetables you like best: mushrooms, broccoli, cauliflower, eggplant …

OK, now on to the preparation. First, cook the onions and peppers with the olive oil in a skillet until they are a little tender, about 4 minutes. Make sure the skillet is oven-proof. I literally melted the handle off one of mine after not checking first #truestory. This particular cast iron skillet is a great option, as well as affordable.

All right, moving on with this lazy skillet lasagna. Try not to overcook the vegetables so that they retain a little bit of their firm texture. Add the garlic and continue cooking for one more minute. Next, add the pasta sauce, vegetable broth, spinach, and spices. Combine well.

Break the noodles in half and add them to the sauce. Make sure that the sauce covers the noodles completely so they don’t dry out. Cover and cook for 20-25 minutes, or until the noodles are al dente. Stir the noodles occasionally so that they do not stick to the pan.

Once the noodles are ready, spread the ricotta cheese all over the top of the lasagna. Then, add the grated cheese and the Parmesan cheese. Finally, put the entire skillet in the oven and broil until the cheese melts (about 5 minutes). I personally like to toast it a little, but I’ll leave that part up to you. Just make sure to watch it closely so that the cheese doesn’t burn.

And that’s it! A “deconstructed” lasagna, if we want to be gastronomically trendy. Now, it’s just a matter of serving it with a nice, green salad, and digging into your easy, cheesy, veggie-rich creation!

best cast iron skillet lasagna

Cast Iron Skillet Lasagna

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