Therabos review for the august 2020 box

Therabox Reviews: August 2020 Sweet Dreams Box


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I have to admit, I’ve been a bit skeptical of subscription boxes. I mean, sure, who doesn’t love receiving a monthly cargo of goodies. But I’m a practical person, so I always worry about not needing or using a particular product, or worse, only liking one out of the whole box. (I guess all those CDs I’d buy during the 90s for just 1 song contributed to my adult buyer’s remorse ??‍♀️). However, once I saw the awesome Therabox reviews circling around the web, I immediately wanted to try it.

In this post, I’ll review my very first Therabox box, and share with you why this self care monthly subscription box is totally with it.

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What is Therabox?

Therabox is a subscription box filled with therapist curated products to help promote self care and happiness. As their official website states it: “TheraBox was founded with one mission in mind: to inspire happier lives through practical joy boosting activities & thoughtful self care products! Each box is curated by therapists and includes a happiness activity inspired by neuroscience & positive psychology research in addition to full sized wellness items for the mind, body and soul! We believe self care = self love”.  

Self care is something that I personally believe is vital to overall health. Even though on this site I’m mostly focused on the nutritional aspect of health, the rest of our physical, mental and emotional health can’t be neglected. Self care time should be regularly scheduled, with zero guilty feelings . It is health promotion after all. 

Each box is themed and you’ll find products that will help you relax, reflect, or just pamper yourself. Let’s take a look at my first of many Therabox reviews, the August 2020 box, with the theme Sweet Dreams.

Wellness subscription box
Ready to try Therabox? Each box is curated by therapists and includes a happiness activity inspired by neuroscience & positive psychology research in addition to 6-8 full sized wellness items for the mind, body and soul!

Therabox reviews: August 2020 Sweet Dreams box

The Sweet Dreams Therabox August 2020 box if filled with goodies that are aimed to help you get to dreamland as soon as possible. As soon as I opened the box, I was greeted with the soothing aroma of lavender and other relaxing herbs. Here’s what this dreamy (pun intended) box brought this month.

Sleep Tight Essential oils from the Therabox August 2020 box

Sleep Tight Pure Essential Oil Remedy from Way of Will: This is a blend of relaxing essential oils in a convenient rollerball form. I love that it’s compact and portable, for relaxation on the go (if that makes any sense!). It actually smells really calming, made with sandalwood, marjoram, geranium, bergamot, neroli and rose essential oils. All you have to do is roll it on your wrists, temple and behind your ears, take a deep breath and let this soothing scent ease your senses.

Lavender and Mugwort eye pillow Sleep Tight Essential oils from the Therabox reviews August 2020 box

Lavender & Mugwort Herbal Eye Pillow from the Therabox Happy Shoppe: I absolutely loved this adorable fabric eye pillow (and my 8 year old daughter as well!). It’s has these cute designs and smells divine (it’s filled with dried lavender and mugwort). You can use it as hot therapy (a few seconds in the microwave) or cold therapy (store it in the fridge). It’s awesome for releasing eye and head tension, and for relaxing before bedtime.

Grace and Stella Foaming face washSleep Tight Essential oils from the Therabox August 2020 box

Foaming Face Wash from Grace & Stella: My combination skin is extremely picky when it comes to face washes: either they leave a pore clogging film all over my skin or they overdry it. This foaming face wash was actually a pleasant surprise, since it left my skin clean yet not tight! I love that it has hyalorunic acid, which locks in moisture and keeps your skin soft. It also has a light, pleasant scent perfect for a relaxing skincare bedtime routine.

Organic + Botanic Madagascan Coconut Oil night moisturizer Sleep Tight Essential oils from the Therabox August 2020 box

Madagascan Coconut Rejuvenating Night Moisturizer from Organic + Botanic: This moisturizer made with coconut oil smells divine and “is formulated to counteract daily stress and rejuvenate the skin throughout the night when it is most receptive to skin treatments”. Though the texture seems to be oily, it absorbs super fast into your skin without feeling greasy.

CDB oil bath bomb Sleep Tight Essential oils from the Therabox August 2020 box

Broad Spectrum Fizzy Disc Bath Bomb in Relax + Unwind from Clearly Balanced Days: I adore adding bath bombs during a relaxing soak in the tub, and this one is such a great option. It’s a large size, which means longer lasting “fizzies” (it’s all about the fizzies, amirite?). And although more research is still still needed on the effectiveness of CBD oil for anxiety relief, the scent of this fizzy disc is soothing enough for a nice, warm pre-bedtime bath.

Hand spray Sleep Tight Essential oils from the Therabox August 2020 box

Purifying Hand Spray from Essence One: Another great item from my Therabox reviews is this handy (see what I did there?) purifying hand spray. It’s a practical and convenient way to keep your hands sanitized (such a priority these days), and the Morning Calm scent is amazing! Made with spearmint, bergamot, mint and patchouli essential oils, it smells bright and clean. You can also use it as a hard surface sanitizer too.

Eye sheet mask Sleep Tight Essential oils from the Therabox August 2020 box

Evening Goggle Eye Mask from Vitamasques: With all the time we’re spending in front of the computer lately, our eyes can definitely use some spa time. As a self proclaimed sheet mask addict, these eye masks are right up my alley. This one covers the entire eye area and offers this delicate area refreshing and moisturizing relief. I love that it also contains hyalorunic acid, to keep your peepers well hydrated.

Dreams journal Sleep Tight Essential oils from the Therabox August 2020 box

Sweet Dreams Journal from the Therabox Happy Shoppe: Every month, Therabox offers a Happiness Boosting Activity, and this month’s is this amazing dream journal. I absolutely loved this item! “It can help you track and create regular sleep schedules, relaxing bedtime routines, and sleep-inducing environments so you can clock-in more zzzs! This journal also includes sleep rituals and self-help tools including sleep assessments, sleep prompts, sleep logs, night routines, and space for reflection to better understand your sleep patterns so you can create an effective plan for getting all the sleep you need!”


So as you can see from this Therabox reviews post, this monthly subscription box is definitely worth it. And it’s super affordable as well. There are 4 plans available for you to choose from: Monthly , 3 months, 6 months, or 12 months. Subscriptions auto-renew according to your plan at the end of the subscription cycle. You can cancel anytime before your renewal date (9th of the month) to not be renewed. For multiple month subscriptions, you can cancel anytime, however you will still receive the remaining boxes from your prepaid multiple month subscription and then your subscription will end. So what are you waiting for? Try Therabox today!

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