Therabox Lunar box review

October 2020 Therabox Lunar Box Review


After the year we’ve had, we could definitely use some more self-love and care. And that’s what the October 2020 Therabox box is all about. It reminds us that although coping with uncertainty doesn’t exactly feel so great, it doesn’t necessarily needs to be bad. We can grow, learn and emerge stronger if we decide to. It also encourages us to let go of control and find the joy in the things that really matter to us. So let’s dive right in and check out the amazing products from the October 2020 Therabox Lunar box, and find out why Therabox is definitely worth it.

Therabox Lunar Box Review
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What is Therabox?

Therabox is a subscription box filled with therapist curated products to help promote self care and happiness. As their official website states it: “TheraBox was founded with one mission in mind: to inspire happier lives through practical joy boosting activities & thoughtful self care products! Each box is curated by therapists and includes a happiness activity inspired by neuroscience & positive psychology research in addition to full sized wellness items for the mind, body and soul! We believe self care = self love”.  

Self care is something that I personally believe is vital to overall health. Even though on this site I’m mostly focused on the nutritional aspect of health, the rest of our physical, mental and emotional health can’t be neglected. Self care time should be regularly scheduled, with zero guilty feelings . It is health promotion after all. 

Each box is themed and you’ll find products that will help you relax, reflect, or just pamper yourself. Let’s take a look at my latest Therabox review, the October 2020 box, with the theme Lunar.

Wellness subscription box
Ready to try Therabox? Each box is curated by therapists and includes a happiness activity inspired by neuroscience & positive psychology research in addition to 6-8 full sized wellness items for the mind, body and soul!

Review: October 2020 Therabox Lunar box

The Lunar box from Therabox (October 2020) is filled with products that remind us that just like the moon, although we are changing, we’re always whole. These goodies are aimed at bringing out the moonlit glow from your skin, all while pampering and recharging you. This box is truly a skincare lover’s dream! Let’s see all the celestial products, one by one:

Stardust skies whipped body butter

Stardust Skies Whipped Body Butter from Aminah Skincare: This body butter was almost too pretty to use! It came with silver glitter and these tiny silver stars on top of a the swirled product. The smell is amazingly light and sweet. It goes on silky smooth and feels so soft on my skin, it’s definitely one of the best body creams I’ve tried in a long time.

Chloe Emerald Rese Quartz Gua Sha

Rose Quartz Gua Sha from Chloe Emerald: This was by far my favorite item in the Therabox Lunar box. I had never heard of gua sha before, but now, it’s my go-to facial treatment before going to bed and as soon as I wake up. Gua sha is an ancient Chinese healing technique that may actually help improve “microcirculation local to a treated area”, as this paper found, which in turn helps relieve pain. When used for facial massage, I found it to be extremely relaxing and refreshing, especially when the rose quartz is cold (hold it gently against puffy eyes and feel the relief). Absolutely love it!

Evolue Firming Toner

Firming Toner from Evolue: Another skin refreshing item from the Lunar box is this firming facial toner. If hearing about toner gives you nightmarish flashbacks of the skin stripping ones from the past, this one will change your mind. It hydrates while it cleanses, and I love using it before moisturizing and putting on my makeup. Is it me, or do my pores look smaller?

Hologram Deep Cleansing Peel off mask

Deep Cleansing Peel Off Mask from Joss+ Lyn: Another blast from the past for me was this peel off mask. I had forgotten how fun they are to use! This one is packed with herbal ingredients containing antioxidants for a well needed spa day at home! Just apply after cleansing, relax and then enjoy peeling it off while your face feels smoother.

Rose glow hydroglow cream

Rose Gold Hydroglow Cream from Vitamasques: Another favorite from this box, this illuminating moisturizer and primer will definitely get your glow on! Made with hyaluronic acid, vitamins and rose extract, it makes my skin feel soft and hydrated. I use it all over my face as a primer, and it gives me a subtle, rosy glow under my makeup. It can also be used as a highlighter too. And it has an amazing, delicate rose water scent that makes getting ready in the morning so much nicer!

Therabox Lunar Box Australian natural sandalwood incense

Australian Sandalwood Natural Incense from the Therabox Happy Shoppe: This item was a nice surprise, and I loved that it came with a simple yet stylish wooden holder. Sandalwood is a soft, calming scent, and it’s perfect when you need to recharge, feel grounded, or when you want a sense of calm in your home. Great for meditating and relaxing bedtime rituals, Therabox also recommends burning “Sandalwood incense during a full moon. This practice will also enhance spiritual vibrations within your home”.

Minimo Charcoal Face scrub

Flawless Charcoal Face Scrub from Minimo: This scrub is made with bamboo carbon charcoal, willow bark, ginger and vitamin B5. It smells amazing and it’s fun to use, but I found that for my face, it left a film that my oily skin was not very happy with (this product contains castor, safflower and tea tree oil). However, I’m using it on my feet and elbows, and hello smooth skin! And although the package says it’s unscented, I find it has a light, pleasant scent.

Therabox Lunar Box believe journal

Manifesting Challenge Notebook from the Therabox Happy Shoppe: I love, love, love this notebook! For this month’s Happiness Boosting Activity, Therabox brings you this Manifest Your Dreams Notepad that can help you tap into useful manifestation techniques on a daily basis.  It’s based on the Law of Attraction and is extremely inspirational. I also love how it helps you work on your limiting beliefs by writing them out, understanding and replacing them in order to manifest your dreams. There are also affirmations, visualizations, and manifestations techniques. As someone with big dreams for the coming year (solopreneurship here I come!), I’ve found this item to be invaluable.


So as you can see from this Therabox Lunar Box review, this monthly subscription box is definitely worth it. And it’s super affordable as well. There are 4 plans available for you to choose from: Monthly , 3 months, 6 months, or 12 months. Subscriptions auto-renew according to your plan at the end of the subscription cycle. You can cancel anytime before your renewal date (9th of the month) to not be renewed. For multiple month subscriptions, you can cancel anytime, however you will still receive the remaining boxes from your prepaid multiple month subscription and then your subscription will end. So what are you waiting for? Try Therabox today!


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