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16 Wellness and Self Care Gift Ideas (All Under $40)


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Self care is something that I personally believe is vital to overall health. Even though on this site I’m mostly focused on the nutritional aspect of health, the rest of our physical, mental and emotional health can’t be neglected. I’m personally trying to include more self care in my life, and that’s one of my ongoing goals. And that’s why on this post, I bring you a list of 16 self care gift ideas that are not only affordable, but help promote that much needed “me time”.

As a working mom of two small children, I tend to put myself last on my list of priorities. And when we do that, we’re so drained of resources that there’s not much to give others. My dad always says to think about how on planes, we’re told to put on our own oxygen masks first before helping another. I think that metaphor speaks volumes about self care.

This handy little wellness and self care gift ideas guide is aimed towards making room for ourselves in our lives. You can use it to create your own self-care kit. And it’s also useful for self care gift basket ideas to gift those you care about with some much needed self care of their own! If you’ve ever asked yourself: “What should I put in a self care gift basket?”, I’ve got your back. I’ve included my favorite products: those that help me de-stress and pamper myself when life gets crazy. Most are some of the best self-care items on Amazon, which means not having to leave the house for your own pampering!

And these self care gift ideas are not just for when life gets crazy. Self care time should be regularly scheduled, with zero guilty feelings . It is health promotion after all. ? So I hope these self care gift ideas inspire you to make yourself a priority, and inspire others as well. And while there are no oxygen masks, I did include another type of self care mask in here!

Wellness and Self Care Gift Ideas
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16 wellness and self care gift ideas under $40

Self care gift ideas gift guide

Calm: The Magic of Sleep Book: I’m a huge fan of the Calm App. I’m hooked on its binaural beats music, its breathing feature, the scenes…my kids especially love listening to the bedtime stories. Well, last month this peace-inducing app created an awesome handbook for healthy sleeping. Sleep is vital for optimal health, and many of us don’t get enough hours of it. This book features not only beautiful illustrations, but it’s full of tips and strategies you can implement to improve your sleep (and waking) life.

Plush Spa Robe: Being wrapped in a soft, cuddly layer of plush fabric is always so comforting to me. Fluffy robes are one of my must haves. I love the fact that this one is long, comfortable, and it has pockets too! It’s also unisex-perfect for pampering anyone on your gift list!

Tazo Tea Sampler: Hovering over a nice cup of hot tea is one of my favorite ways to unwind after a long day. My 8 year old daughter and I love to relax side by side with our favorite Tazo tea: Calm Chamomile (even its name is soothing!). This sampler from Tazo brings a total of 40 tea bags in 10 different flavors, plus sticks of honey! You gotta love self care gifts that are not only good for your nutritional health, but for your emotional health as well. It’s also perfect for including in a wellness gift basket.

Compression Eye Pillow: Eye masks and pillows are another of my can’t-live-without items. I need to block out all light in order to sleep well. ?‍♀️ Did you know this eye mask/ pillow was designed by an orthopedic surgeon to provide relief from migraine headaches, tension headaches, sinus pain and eyestrain? It’s great for using after hours of computer work. And it can also be chilled in the freezer or fridge for even more relief. How cool (pun intended) is that?

Essential oil diffuser: Aromatherapy is so useful in helping to de-stress. Just getting a whiff of one of our favorite scents tends to start calming us down quickly. Diffusers are a great option since you only need a few drops of essential oils to surround yourself in relaxing scents. This particular one comes with 10 different essential oils: lavender, eucalyptus, tea tree, orange, peppermint, lemongrass, jasmine, nutmeg, clove, and spearmint oils. So there’s bound to be one that will help you take in deep, calming, fragrant breaths while feeling that you’re in a spa.

Bath and Body Works Bubble Bath: Ahhh, bubble baths! The classic “me time” indulgence. My favorite suds are these from Bath and Body Works’ Sleep line: Lavender Vanilla. This particular scent comes and goes in stores, since it was replaced with Lavender Cedarwood (good, but not as comforting, in my opinion). I always stock up whenever I get can get my hands on it. The formula is so foamy and soft, the bottle lasts a really long time and the scent is perfect for winding down before bed!

Garnier Hydrating Sheet Masks: This is hands down the best sheet mask I’ve ever tried. It has more than half a bottle of hydrating serum in just one facial mask. I like to save the leftover essence (it’s a lot!) and use it as a serum. The formula is water-based, non greasy, non sticky, and insanely hydrating. It makes a great stocking stuffer for someone who could use some R&R with a refreshing sheet mask to get their glow on!

Mood Candle Co. Soy Candle: There’s nothing like lighting a scented candle to make your space feel instantly cozier. I have a love affair with scented candles, and they’re my go-to whenever I need a mood booster. The scent of orange blossom and vanilla in this particular one is so calming and comforting. Plus, this soy candle burns for 50 hours.

Eco Friendly Non Slip Yoga Mat: This extra thick, extra long yoga mat offers adequate space to fit any type of exercise like yoga, pilates, bikram and fitness exercise. Offers the most comfortable experience for all level Yogis. It provides excellent cushioning and resilience, and comes with a free strap for easy transport from home to yoga class.

White Noise Machine: This white noise machine has over 16,000 reviews on Amazon! It offers 6 soothing sleep sounds–blocking background noise while sleeping, working or traveling to experience serenity in every situation. It’s also portable to help you create the ideal setting for better sleep and relaxation everywhere you go.

Wooden Bathtub Caddy Tray & Laptop Desk: Drop in a bath bomb, light a candle, enjoy a glass of wine, read a fashion magazine or stream your favorite series while you relax in the tub with this versatile bathtub caddy. It’s adjustable, fits into most bathtubs, and easily converts into a laptop desk, breakfast serving tray, standing desk and tablet holder.

Wellness Journal: This journal cuts to the heart of the problem by showing you how to reconnect with your inner self through solitude, introspection, and contemplation of what’s truly important to you as an individual and family member. Give yourself permission to be Present, Not Perfect.

TheraBox Subscription Boxes: Therabox is the ultimate self-care subscription box curated by therapists to help reduce stress, increase happiness, and inspire love.  Each box contains 1 happiness activity along with 5 to 7 self-care wellness products including aromatherapy, body and skincare, natural & organic bath, and so much more.

Blooming Teapot Gift Set: How pretty is this?!? This teapot comes with two jasmine-infused blooming tea flowers. It’s also perfect for loose-leaf tea, teabags and fruit-infused waters. As a gift for a special person – or yourself! – this is a tasteful choice that shows how much you care. It’s also stovetop, microwave and dishwasher safe. This premium glass contains no lead, metals, glazes or toxins of any kind. All you taste is pure, delicious and relaxing tea.

Pine Needle Reed Diffuser: Reed diffusers are great alternatives to candles.  If you dislike lighting candles but love trying out new fragrances at home, this reed diffuser is a great thing to add to your list of self-care gift ideas. This particular reed diffuser was used at at spa I used to go to, and the scent was so amazing I had to run out and buy it!

Snailax 3-in-1 Foot Warmer, Back Massager and Foot Massager: This foot massager machine can be used as a back massager or as a massage seat cushion by simply unzipping the top cover. Gentle vibration massage along with heat helps relieve stiffness, cramps and muscle pain in the lower back, legs and feet. Great for relieving stress, tension and muscle pain. Since it’s portable, you can use it in the office, car and at home. It also has a remote control to easily operate and select vibration and heating massage modes.


So here’s to prioritizing more “me time” from now on! These options are also great as:

  • Wellness gift ideas for employees
  • Self-care gifts for new moms
  • Self love gift box
  • Stress relief gift baskets
  • Self care packages
  • Wellness gift baskets
  • ….and so much more!

I’d love to know what you think of these wellness and self care gift ideas. What’s your favorite way to practice self care? Would you like to include more of it in you daily routine? Sound off below in the comments section!

And if you need a little more gifting inspo for any season, check out my Cooking Lovers Gift Guide for the home chef in your life.


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