Non Candy Valentines For Kids

7 Cute Non Candy Valentines Gift Ideas for Kids Under $25


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In this post, I’m bringing you some inspiration for non candy Valentines ideas for the kiddos. And while a sweet treat is no biggie once in awhile, it’s important to curb our children’s sugar intake in order to protect their health. With that in mind, here are some options that are bound to please the littles as they celebrate love and friendship! These are also great non candy valentines for school as well.

Non Candy Valntines
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Ever since I was a kid, I’ve always loved Valentine’s Day! I got to wear my beloved white tights with little red hearts all over them (it was the 80s, and they were fab!), receive Peanuts themed cards with lollipops taped in them and do construction paper hearts with doilies and glitter in Art class. Sigh! I miss elementary school (especially in the 80s)!

Now as a mom, I try to make sure my kids also have memorable Valentines Days (and every other holiday under the sun as well). We’re already picking out red outfits in January, as well as the cards they’ll give out to their classmates (this year it’s LOL Surprise and Super Mario Brothers 😆). But also as a mom (and a dietitian as well), I tend to become concerned when they come home after their school Valentines celebrations with SO.MUCH.CANDY. And I do let my kids have sweets in moderation, but it’s a bit more challenging to manage when they’re excitedly dumping their loot all over the coffee table!

So, if you also face a similar dilemma, here’s a list of non candy Valentines ideas for the little sweethearts in your life! These are not only affordable gifts (did I mention they’re under $25?), but they’re also useful beyond Valentine’s Day and have zero added sugars! Now how sweet is that?

7 Cute Non Candy Valentines for Kids

The Don’t Laugh Challenge Valentine’s Day Edition Joke Book: This is such a great way to get the kids away from the screens and have some old-fashioned face to face time! The rules are simple: two players go back and forth telling each other jokes, and when the person listening laughs or even cracks a smile, the joke teller gets a point, and the first person to earn five points wins. It’s also an awesome idea for family game nights during the rest of the year as well.

Squishmallows Valentines Plush Doll: My kids are obsessed with the Squishmallows they got for Christmas. Have you tried them? They are so heavenly….squishy! My kids sprawl all over them while they read, color, watch TV and even cuddle with them at bedtime. And I may or may not have propped up my back against one while I work on my laptop 😉.

Wooden Heart Puzzle: My 4 year old son has always been obsessed with puzzles. I love the fact that they require careful observation, thinking, and analyzing when assembling–skills I want my kids to develop. This heart shaped wooden puzzle helps to exercise the brain, develop intelligence, improve problem-solving abilities and relieve stress. And for the price? The perfect non candy Valentines treat for handing out to classmates and friends.

I Spy Valentines Edition Book: This fun picture guessing game is great for smaller children (2-5 year olds). It’s full of activities that include alphabet riddles, counting, color matching, plus animals, shapes and colors. I spy an amazing and educational gift for little learners.

Valentines Goody Bag Toys: Don’t know what to give as non candy Valentines for class (been there!) ? This favors bundle includes 24 sheets of stickers, 24 bookmark greeting cards with envelopes, 6 heart shaped glasses, 6 heart print bracelets, 7 heart print Foam Gliders, 24 heart erasers, 6 heart rubber ducks, 6 heart shaped springs and 24 stamps.

Star Wars Valentines Shirt: On your sleeve (or in this case, chest) your heart you will wear, with this adorable Star Wars themed t-shirt. It comes in different colors and sizes for the whole family! Group picture anyone?

Photo Frame Craft Kits: And for framing that amazing group shot, here’s the perfect solution. It’s not Valentine’s Day without Conversation Hearts somewhere, and these happen to be sugar-free! This non candy Valentines gift includes 12 individual kits for putting together these adorable picture frames. An easy craft for children of all ages, especially for classroom Valentine’s Day parties!

I hope these cool non candy Valentines ideas were helpful for planning your candy free V-Day gifts. Whether you’re a parent, teacher, health professional, or a combination of these, I think it’s always nice to look for ways to celebrate with our little ones while promoting their health and well being!

So what are your favorite ways to celebrate this holiday? Let me hear your ideas in the comments section below. I wish you an incredible, happy and healthy Valentine’s Day with your loved ones!

And if you want more healthy eating options for your kids, here’s a checklist of healthy snack ideas that are tasty, nutritious and low in added sugars as well!

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