Coffee lovers gift basket ideas under $50

16 Coffee Gift Baskets Under $50 You Can Order Online


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Got a coffee lover in your life? Then you’ll love this Coffee Gift Baskets gift guide that will surely make a buzz with any coffee lover. The best part about this gift guide? All the gifts are under $50 and can be ordered online. Now didn’t that just make your gift-giving much easier? Keep scrolling for these affordable coffee gift baskets and coffee gift set ideas.

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What do you put in a coffee gift basket?

So what do you get a coffee lover? An awesome gift basket filled with coffee lovers gift ideas, of course! A good coffee gift basket can include coffee (obviously!), tea, cookies, biscotti, coffee mugs, flavored syrup, chocolate and cocoa (coffee and chocolate gift baskets, anyone?). You can definitely DIY this, but sometimes time is money, and if you’re insanely busy like me, why not gift one of the many already done-for-you coffee gift baskets out there? These gift baskets are perfect for any occasion: birthdays, work gifts, Christmas, Mother’s Day, Father’s Day…you get the idea!

16 Best Coffee Gift Baskets

Coffee Gift Baskets ideas

These coffee gift baskets are all from Amazon, which means they can be ordered from the comfort of your own home and delivered almost anywhere. These coffee themed gift baskets also have high customer ratings, offer free shipping options, and some even double as tea and coffee gift baskets and chocolate and coffee gift baskets. Check them out below.

California Delicious Starbucks Coffee and Cocoa Gift Basket: This classic Starbucks coffee and cocoa gift set includes 2 keepsake mugs, Walker’s shortbread medallions and shortbread fingers, gingerbread biscotti and caramel wafers, plus Starbucks coffee and Starbucks cocoa, of course! It comes in a natural Starbucks siren box  that’s perfect for gifting.

Indulgent Coffee Selection Gift Box from Coffee Beanery: In this coffee themed gift basket, you’ll find 12 flavored (1.75oz) Try-Me-Size one pot coffee samplers. This coffee is small batch artisan roasted using “our trademarked Right Roast process with only the highest specialty grade coffee”. The flavorings are also sugar free, lactose free and alcohol free.

Gourmet Coffee Sampler Gift Box Set from Cooper’s Cask Coffee: Each one of these gift boxes includes 4 different coffees, each in a 4 oz bag: Sumatra, Kenya, Ethiopian, Rwanda as well as tasting notes, roast levels and origin information. Excellent as an espresso, auto drip, French press or pour over.

Village Caffe Coffee Lovers Gift Basket from Gift Basket Village: Inside this sweet coffee lovers gift basket you’ll find: Double Chocolate Mocha Mix, European Caramel Mocha Mix, Wolfgang Puck Coffee, Cafe Barista Blend Coffee, Latte Candy, Espresso Candy, White Chocolate Amaretto Cookies, Dark Chocolate Wafer Cookies. It’s a coffee lover’s dream! It also comes in an adorable basket for the perfect gift.

Gourmet Whole Bean Coffee Set from HITT: This flavored coffee variety box features 12 delicious flavors: Irish Cream, Red Orange, Cappuccino ,Tiramisu, Amaretto, Bavarian Chocolate, Baileys, Pistachio, English Caramel, Toffee, Espresso Cream Blend, Italy Strong Blend, and Cognac Cherry. This comes in an elegant gift box, making this coffee bean sampler the ideal gift for lovers of gourmet coffee.

Godiva Hot Chocolate and Coffee Set: This gift set includes a white and gold ceramic mug, a 2 ounce package of truffle coffee, a 1.4 ounce package of dark chocolate cocoa and a 1.1 ounce package of milk chocolate cocoa. It comes in a beautiful tin box–ready for gifting. Just wrap it up, slip it into a bag or add a bow, and it’s ready to go! Classy and delicious.

Starbucks Flavored Coffee K-Cup Variety Pack for Keurig Brewers: The Starbucks Flavored Coffee Variety Pack includes Caramel, Vanilla, Hazelnut, Toffeenut, Toasted Graham and Cinnamon Dolce flavored coffees. it includes 6 boxes of 10 for a total of 60 individual K-Cup pods. The perfect item for Keurig coffee gift baskets.

Bourbon & Whiskey Barrel Aged Coffee 4 bag Coffee Set from Cooper’s Cask Coffee: This Bourbon and Whiskey coffee set comes with 4 barrel aged flavored coffee beans: Kentucky Bourbon (Colombian), American Single Malt Whiskey (Sumatra), Rye Whiskey (Ethiopian), and Rum (Rwanda) barrel aged coffee. Comes in a Cooper’s Cask Coffee box that’s ready for giving.

Java Planet Coffee Beans Organic Coffee Sampler Pack in Burlap Bag: How original is this burlap bag filled with six 3.2 oz bags of gourmet organic Arabica whole bean coffee? Each coffee bag is enough for a full pot! 100% organic certified arabica coffee whole beans, grown without chemicals or GMOs. Includes Sumatra, Peru, Guatemalan, Colombian, Espresso and Good Morning Blends.

Bean Box Coffee + Chocolate Gift Box (Whole Bean): This convenient coffee gift box includes nearly a half pound (4, 1.8 ounce bags) of whole bean coffee, 4 (1 ounce) artisan chocolate bars, tasting notes, and roaster profiles. Gift the ultimate Seattle artisan coffee and chocolate tasting experience. Yum!

Bones Coffee Favorite Flavors Sample Pack: A 5 bag (4 oz each) sample pack of coffee beans in these fun and unique flavors: Maple Bacon, Strawberry Cheesecake, S’morey Time, Highland Grog, and Sinn-O-Bun. These flavors don’t contain any dairy, allergens, or added sugars and they’re vegan friendly as well. And the bags are resealable in order to keep your coffee fresh for longer.

Death Wish Coffee:  For a coffee gift to die for, check out the World’s Strongest Coffee, Death Wish Coffee. This coffee is not for the fain of heart, and is sure to rock the most die hard coffee lover in your life! This ground coffee bundle includes Death Wish’s intense dark roast and Valhalla Java’s powerful blend of medium and dark roasts. Dare to join the dark side?

Coffee Gift Basket with Funny Insulated Coffee Mug: This unique coffee gift basket includes a stainless steel vacuum insulated coffee mug for coffee lovers, 2 hand towels with coffee inspired designs and whole bean coffee.  The gift basket will arrive in a beautiful black gift box adorned with a white ribbon. Perfect gift for the coffee lover in your life.

Starbucks Travel Coffee Gift Set: This Starbucks coffee gift basket comes in a ready-to-give natural color burlap gift bag, embellished with a shabby vintage fabric flower bow and blank Kraft gift tag with jute twine. The bundle includes 8 items: One Siren Starbucks Logo Reusable Cup with lid, (16 oz, Grande), one Starbucks 2018 Spring Design Reusable Cup with lid (16 oz, Grande), two Starbucks Coffee Cup Sleeves and Starbucks Via Instant Coffee Four Variety Sampler Pack: 1- Veranda Blend (3.3g), 1-French Roast (3.3g), 1-Pike Place Roast (3.3g) and 1-Iced Coffee (27g). And the price is so easy on the wallet, you’ll want to gift yourself one as well.

Espresso Coffee Box Set from Cooper’s Cask Coffee: Espresso lovers rejoice! This is as ground coffee 3 Bag (8 oz each) Gift Set with Brazilian, Kenya, Ethiopian espresso coffee. The Espresso Cremoso (Brazilian) is described as having a creamy, brown sugar, black cherry, sweet orange flavor profile. The Espresso Desto (Kenya) has a juicy, sweet baked peaches with a heavy syrup body, while the Espresso Brillante (Ethiopian) has a lemon tart, raw honey, floral nectar profile.

And now I’d love to know, which one of the coffee gift baskets did you like the most as a coffee lovers gift idea. Was is the popular Starbucks coffee gift baskets, the classic coffee and chocolate gift baskets or the daring dark roast coffee gift set? Let’s talk gifting below in the comments section!

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