About Me

Hi! Welcome to the Fad Free Nutrition Blog from my page Nutrición al Grano (which basically translates to Nutrition Straight to the Point, more or less!). This is the English version of my Spanish webpage, and here you’ll find content dedicated to the science of food and nutrition in a way that is simple to understand and implement in your daily life. I’m Melissa, creator of this space, Registered Dietitian by day, and mother of two little dragons 24/7 (and yes, that was an intentional GoT reference)!

Career Background

I was born and actually live in Puerto Rico, where I also began my career. I obtained a Bachelor’s Degree in Nutrition and Dietetics from the University of Puerto Rico, Rio Piedras Campus, and a Master’s Degree in Public Health from the University of Puerto Rico, Medical Sciences Campus. I’ve been a Registered Dietitian for over 15 years now, but I’m an eternal student, and I love to keep on learning more about the science of nutrition every day.

No Fads, Just Facts

As a healthcare professional in the field of nutrition and dietetics, I see that each time there is more and more information out there in this area, and therefore, more confusion. It can be a challenge to weed out which information is valid and backed by evidence, and which is…well…based on trends and fads.

Now, I love being able to educate and clear up doubts related to food and nutrition! That’s why I decided to dedicate a space on the web that offers up nutrition related content that’s not only based on recent and credible sources of evidence, but that’s also easy to understand and apply to daily living. All while getting to the point and cutting through all the fad!

Food is Good

“Food is an Important Part of a Balanced Diet”

Fran Lebowitz

An issue I really want to emphasize throughout this page is that eating healthy is not about following a strict diet plan, eating only salads and depriving ourselves of the foods we love. We have to eat! And not just to nourish our bodies, but because it’s a pleasurable activity too, one which we have to right to enjoy. I don’t believe that there are “bad” or “good” foods: all foods can be a part of a healthy diet. It’s just a matter of learning to strike a balance between those foods that are really going to nurture our health, and those that we kinda have to take it easy with!

I am constantly becoming more and more aware of the fact that restrictive diets don’t work for the long haul. I’m also very concerned about the actual diet culture. You know, those social beliefs that try to convince us that in order to be accepted you have to weigh “x” pounds, that create difficult relationships with food and that promote disordered eating. Yeah,  it’s no wonder the act of eating has become so problematic. We’ve been bombarded with these false beliefs for so long that, unknowingly, they’ve become part of the way we think and behave around food.

I believe it’s time to start focusing more on our health and well being than on social ideals. Learning how to eat well, developing a healthy relationship with food and adopting good lifestyle habits is what’s really going to help us achieve long lasting positive changes in our health. Each time, I feel more and more motivated to share this message. I sincerely hope that through this page, I can help you achieve better nutrition from a place of self-care, find freedom from food obsessions and achieve body trust!

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